I offer you the following possibilities:

Coloured Sculpture
Coloured Belly Bowl


1. Baby oil is applied in order to protect your skin
2. The plaster is spread over your belly (and breasts)
3. The plaster dries within a few minutes and can be pealed of your skin easily
4. The edges are reinforced

Steps 1-4 take approx. 30 - 45 minutes

5. After drying up another night the sculpture is reinforced again and the surface is smoothed
6. A special finish is applied as preparation for the painting
7. The sculpture is painted in the requested design
8. In the final step the sculpture gets a vanish and dries out again

Steps 5-8 require approx. 4 days


Best results can be achieved between the 7th and 9th month of the pregnancy.


Regular baby oil for skin protection, e.g. Bebe
Plaster as used in hospitals, does not cause skin irritation and is harmless for your baby.